Hollidaysburg  Hello Please Productions  Producer: Chris Moore  Director: Anna Martemucci

Broken Gardenias  Broken Gardenias LLC  Director: Kai Devani

Reflections of Maya Rose  AW Films  Director: Alexandra Wedenig

In Search of Leti  UniCine  Director: Dalia Tapia

The Disappearance of Donnie Bishop  BoldSoul Films  Director: Danny Gardner



The Confession Tapes  Netflix  Director: Kelly Loudenberg

Little Stones  Driftseed  Director: Sophia Kruz

Ride The Tiger  PBS  Director: Ed Moore

The Green Standard  Independent  Director: Jacob Strunk



Relationship Status Seasons 2 + 3  Go90  Director: Suzi Yoonessi

Deadtime Stories Ep 103 Little Magic Shop of Horrors  Nickelodeon  Director: David Hillenbrand

Deadtime Stories Season 1  [2nd unit]  Nickelodeon  Director: David Hillenbrand



Genderton  Periods.  Directors: Victor Quinaz & Anna Martemucci

Daddy Knows Best Season 1 + 2  My Damn Channel  Directors: Jeff Danis & Ryan O’Neill



Irving  Independent  Director: Rebecca Feldman

The Supplier  Independent  Director: Brian Knight

Superman: Terrible Twos  Nerdist/Periods.  Director: Victor Quinaz

My Dear Americans  Project:Involve [LA Film Festival]  Director: Arpita Kumar

While the Trees Sleep  CalArts Thesis  Director: Emilie Sabath

A Time in a Dark Cloud  CalArts Thesis [Slamdance]  Director: Becky Sgan-Cohen

Fallen Angel  LAFS Thesis Director: Ronald Rosas

Amongst Birds and Bees  Under The Rug Prod.  Director: Valentina Avayu & Paris Pickard

Delayed  AFI Thesis  Director: Dave Herman

The Smiling Game  Independent  Director: Valentina Avayu

Southern Cross  Columbia College Master’s Thesis  Director: Kameishia Wooten



Tennis System "Here We Go"  Independent  Director: Bradley Scott

Jackie Tohn "Deep Like"  Independent  Director: Jacob Strunk

Goosebumps Promotional "The Bump's Gonna Goose Ya"  Nerdist  Director: Ben Mekler

Maniac "Party City"  Independent  Director: Sergio Rodriguez

Honey Honey “Angel of Death”  Maneater Productions  Director: Bradley Scott

Bryan Master “Let Me Come In”  Maneater Productions  Director: Bradley Scott

Recycle  Under The Rug Prod.  Director: Valentina Avayu

Busy Kids “Fists of Rock”  The Busy Kids  Director: Addae Shelby



Deaf Club  Art in General  Director: Alison O’Daniel

Leave Not A Rack Behind  Camel Collective/Redcat  Directors: Carla Herrera-Prats & Anthony Graves

4:33  Loud Silence Exhibition 2014  Director: Alison O’Daniel

Plant Symphony  LA Louver Rogue Wave 2013  Director: Alison O’Daniel

Isla [Addt'l Cinematography] Praxis Media 2012  Director: Emilie Sabath



Various commercial clients include:  

Legendary Digital, Defy Media, Ticketmaster, Wylde Company, Radiant Features, MZA Inc., Icon Network,

Anonymous Content, 42 Entertainment, Endemol, Iconoclast, Break Thru Films, Adelstein Liston